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Alicante apartments for sale

Property for sale in Alicante

A citizen of every country can buy an apartment in Alicante. The sale of real estate in Alicante (as well as in other cities in Spain) takes place under a fully transparent scheme that minimizes the possibility of fraud or error in the deal. Foreigners only need to get a special identification number (tax number) and open an account in one of the local banks. These procedures with proper transaction planning will take no more than an hour. It is also important that foreign citizens can get a mortgage from a Spanish bank to buy real estate. For more information on the sale algorithm and the requirements for obtaining a mortgage, you can find it in the relevant sections of our site. Today, an apartment in Alicante is not just a place to spend your vacation. It's also a real opportunity to earn rental income from your Spanish apartment or house. As in any other city, Alicante has areas with affordable housing and areas where you can face with some difficulties by renting or selling. Our specialists have lived in Alicante for over 20 years, they know the city very well, have a rich real estate practice and can save our clients from hasty, emotional decisions and as a result - buying of a not liquid property. The location of a home is a very important factor that can not be ignored when making a final decision to buy real estate. In addition, it is easier with a specialist to calculate the cost of the repair (if the apartment needs it), the approximate cost of purchasing of new furniture or appliances, as well as the estimated rental income for the season or for the whole year (if the buyer plans to rent his apartment out). Real estate agencies, consulting centers, private brokers, banks - these are the main players on the market selling real estate in Alicante. As a rule, the owner of the apartment wants to sell his property quickly and at the best possible price for him, so he turns to professionals and does not deal with it alone. The seller must be present personally upon the purchase of the property and the signing of the preliminary sale contract. At the final stage of the deal - the signing of the act - should be present both as the seller and the buyer. Apartment views in Spain are usually made without a seller. The property is displayed by a representative of the agency with whom the seller has signed a contract for the sale of his property. Agency commission (advertising, customer search, apartment views, negotiations) is done by the seller.